Kuala Lumpur FreshWater Watch Results-sharing Session (24 Jan 2017)

February 1, 2017

On 24 Jan Earthwatch HK held a lively FreshWater Watch (FWW) results-sharing session in Kuala Lumpur with 28 HSBC Citizen Science Leaders and staffs. Dr. Kalithasan Kailasam (Dr. Kali) of the Global Environment Centre, lead scientist on the FreshWater Watch’s River of Life, presented some Malaysia-specific results and held an interactive discussion. Bel Li, program coordinator from Earthwatch HK, presented the global FWW results, and Melissa Wong from Corporate Sustainability shared the program impact and plan.


For the local scientific results, it found that there is effect of human activities along the Klang River. The data showed that upstream of Klang River, which has less human activities, shows better water quality compared to other river segments. At the same time, there is improvement in some of the parameters over the years which is primarily due to the river rehabilitation activities of the River Of Life Initiative.


With the closing of our five-year FreshWater Watch program, 400+ local citizen scientists were trained and 200+ Kuala Lumpur datasets that focus on the water quality and biodiversity were collected. We can see an improved sense of connectivity between our CSLs with the Klang River and they have become the “eyes and ears” of the river in monitoring it. Our local research partner Dr. Kali is writing a scientific journal based on these data and will share their findings with government agencies and other stakeholders. At the end of the sharing session, Dr. Kali appreciated the great efforts of our CSLs in collecting data and encouraged our citizen scientists to take action to protect the river.