Publications of FreshWater Watch Research in International Journal Science of The Total Environment (STOTEN)

May 8, 2017

The Science of The Total Environment (STOTEN) FreshWater Watch special edition is online, and free to download.

This special edition is totally dedicated to citizen science based freshwater research including ten studies, covering 11 cities such as Toronto, New York City, São Paulo and Hong Kong on 4 continents exploring the drivers and possible solutions to the freshwater challenge.

All resulting from the hard work of Citizen Science Leaders and the global network of leading researchers within Earthwatch’s FreshWater Watch programme. It has illustrated how citizen scientists can support environmental research and reinforce agency monitoring in projects around the world.








In one of the studies, study across three major metropolitan areas of China (Guangzhou and Foshan, Shanghai, and Hong Kong ), some of the main findings are shown below:

  • The most influential predictor was water colour, in particular, frequently observed brown and yellow water indicated elevated turbidity and nutrient concentrations
  • Potential drivers of poor water quality at a watershed scale were related to land-use composition and in particular the prevalence of artificial surfaces and agriculture
  • A potential control on turbidity at a very local scale was the presence of bankside trees. Trees have the ability to secure and stabilize soil and thus reduce the soil erosion and sediment loading that can cause high turbidity

Stay tuned as even more results will become available in the coming months.