NGO Partners

Guided by our mission to engage people worldwide in scientific field research and education to promote the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment, Earthwatch Hong Kong works with research institutes and local NGO partners across Asia to match research and volunteering needs.


Our Partners

Institute of Botany, The Chinese Academy of Sciences

Earthwatch is working with The Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IBCAS) at our China Regional Climate Centre in Gutianshan, Zhejiang Province. IBCAS is a renowned research centre for plant sciences in China. They have been actively engaged in research on terrestrial ecosystems for more than 20 years and much of their work is used as a direct resource base for the Chinese Government’s environmental protection and management policies.

Read our expedition Climate Change in China’s Gutianshan Forests for details.

Ocean Park

Ever since its establishment in 1977, Ocean Park has adhered strongly to its mission to provide local and overseas visitors with experiences that combine education and recreation and assist in the understanding and practice of wildlife conservation. Ocean Park aims to be financially viable while offering its patrons a diverse range of activities at affordable prices. While continuously expanding and improving their entertainment and recreational facilities and service standards, they also seek out and introduce new educational programs and opportunities to promote lifelong learning. As a not-for-profit organization, Ocean Park exists for the public benefit.

Read our case study on Project Coral Reef for details.

The Conservancy Association

The Conservancy Association, founded in 1968, is an environmental NGO with the longest history in Hong Kong. They are dedicated to the protection of the environment and the conservation of natural and cultural heritage. Their works include advocating appropriate policies, monitoring government action, promoting environmental education and community participation.

Read our short programme Alien encounters in Hong Kong’s wetlands for details.

Eco-education & Resources Centre

Founded in 2002, Eco-education & Resources Centre is comprised of experts, academics, students and enthusiasts. The organization aims to promote eco-education. Through various channels, Eco-Education & Resources Centre conveys the concept of ecological conservation to the general public, raising knowledge and awareness to ultimately drive environmental protection.

The Hong Kong Bird Watching Society

The Hong Kong Bird Watching Society (HKBWS) was founded in 1957. The objectives are promoting the study of ornithology by encouraging the study of birds so as to understand their biology and ecology, as well as to promote the appreciation and the understanding of birds.

Read our our short programme Forest Real Estate for Birds for details.

South China Botanical Garden, The Chinese Academy of Sciences

Founded in 1929, the South China Botanical Garden (SCBG), Chinese Academy of Sciences is one of the most important botany research institutions in China. SCBG has obtained abundant research achievements in the fields of ecology, botany, plant resources, biotechnology, gardening and landscape.

Read our case study on Trees and Climate Change for details.

Wetlands International

Wetlands International is an independent, not-for-profit, global organisation supported by government and NGO membership from around the world. Wetlands International-China was established in Beijing in September 1996. Its task is to assist national governments of North Asia in making policy and provide support for wetland conservation and best use practices in areas such as technical and financial input, dissemination and exchange, wetland policy and management, wetland assessment and monitoring. The mission of Wetlands International-China is to sustain and restore wetlands, their resources and biodiversity.

The Malaysian Nature Society

The Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) is Malaysia’s largest and oldest non-government environmental organization. It is dedicated to promoting the study, appreciation, conservation and protection of Malaysia’s natural heritage.

Read our case study on The Marvelous Mangrove Mission for details.