Public Programmes

Grey Whale Migration (©Miriam De Gabrielle)



‘The whole project was an absolutely amazing experience. I enjoyed taking on the physical challenges and really felt my confidence increase as a result of the project.
Plus, of course, seeing the whales was absolutely spectacular!’

Conny Brandt, Earthwatch volunteer, Grey Whale Migration



Costa Rican Sea Turtles (©Russ Schleipmann)

‘Without Earthwatch, I believe that Leatherback turtles would already be extinct in the Pacific.’ Dr. Frank Paladino, Scientist, Costa Rican Sea Turtles


Since 1971, we have sent more than 90,000 volunteers into the field to work with over a thousand scientists on projects all over the world.

There are many scientific research organisations and many environmental volunteering organisations out there, but Earthwatch is different, because we are a hybrid of both – we involve people as volunteers in scientific research.

Individuals join an expedition in the field that interests them, contributing both funds and hands-on support to the scientists conducting research. Being in the field often has a transformative effect on the volunteers, who return home inspired to lead change in their own communities.

We believe that by involving a diverse range of people in scientific research and education, they gain the knowledge, skills and motivation needed to take responsibility for the environment. Earthwatch not only engages people directly on an individual level, but also reaches out to their schools, workplaces, universities, research institutes, professional affiliations and community groups.

Meerkats of the Kalahari

‘A holiday with a difference. The first time I have felt that I put something back.’ Ted Coupe, Earthwatch volunteer, Meerkats of the Kalahari

We offer a wide range of expeditions for public to join, you can get directly involved in conservation whilst having an experience of a lifetime. Find out more about Earthwatch Expeditions.

      Earthwatch Costa Rican Sea Turtles Project (produced by The Leatherback Trust)