Tree Buddy School Programme

ClimateWatch School Programme – Tree Buddy

As part of the global ClimateWatch programme, we cordially invite secondary schools to participate in the ClimateWatch ‘Tree Buddy’ programme, which involves students to regularly monitor seasonal changes of selected tree species, and to submit data through our mobile website. Students can also conduct research or education related projects based on the data they collected. Outstanding teams will be invited to share their achievements at the year-end symposium at the University of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong School Programme Partner:
Hong Kong School Programme Supporter:
Programme Advisor: Dr. Ka-Chun Suen, Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College
Pilot Programme Supporter: Caritas Chan Chun Ha Field Studies Centre

How it works?

  1. Students select a research or educational related topic under the guidance of their teacher, e.g. research on the flowering cycle of Tree Cotton in a particular district, or report seasonal changes of trees to their schoolmate and explain the impacts of climate change on trees. Earthwatch will provide suggested topics and references for teachers.
  2. Students to identify suitable trees around their campus as their ‘Tree Buddy’ of the academic year. They will measure the height, girth and GPS of each tree.
  3. Earthwatch will tag each Tree Buddy on the ClimateWatch mobile website
  4. Students should observe their Tree Buddy once every 2-3 weeks throughout the year, report their seasonal behavior on the ClimateWatch mobile website
  5. Before the end of the academic year, students should submit a summary to share their research findings or achievements, it can be in the form of a text report, poster or in multimedia format.
  6. Selected groups will be invited to present their results at the ClimateWatch Symposium
  7. The ClimateWatch Science Panel will review all submitted data and publish quarterly key findings on the impacts of climate change on biodiversity
  8. Participating schools are encouraged to continue monitoring their Tree Buddies and record their growth, enabling students to have a stronger connection with the trees around them.


Dates Phase
2012 Dec – 2013 Jan Schools to register for the programme
2013 Jan-Feb Each team confirms research topic and select Tree Buddies
2013 Jan-Jun Students regularly observe their Tree Buddies and submit records to the ClimateWatch database
2013 May-Jun Students to submit research findings
2013 Jun-Jul ClimateWatch Symposium

Information for Participating Schools

- Guidelines – everything you need to know to implement the programme in your school!
- Species Guide – for tree identification and selecting your Tree Buddies (please refer to page 3 of our Guidelines)
- Clinometer template – for measuring tree height (please refer to page 3 of our Guidelines)
- GPS logger borrow form – for schools to borrow GPS logger to set up Tree Buddy (please refer to page 4 of our Guidelines)
- Tree Buddy Record Form – to be submitted to Earthwatch by Feb 8, 2013 (please refer to page 4 of our Guidelines)
- Account Creation Spreadsheet – to be submitted to Earthwatch by Feb 8, 2013 (please refer to page 4 of our Guidelines)
- Paper answer sheets – for schools who prefer to use paper answer sheets (please refer to page 6 of our Guidelines)
- Access to Teachers’ admin site – to track and download records from students (please refer to page 8 of our Guidelines)
- Download our Leaflet here
- Registration Form