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Earthwatch HK Awards

Earthwatch puts environmental impact at the heart of what we do, building on half a century of bringing people, science and nature together to create environmental knowledge and action.

The Earthwatch HK Awards, are open to candidates developing public engagement activities for the local people of Hong Kong and encourage them to take action to protect our planet. We look for projects which deliver value to communities, invest in the next generation and strengthen environmental awareness. In particular we look for applications from early career researchers (registered post-graduate students) wanting to share their knowledge and passion for the environment with the wider public of Hong Kong.

The 2021 winners

Pak Yam Hung

Discover the ecosystems of Hong Kong! – “I am an ecologist devoted in protecting and conserving the local environment which nurtured a rich and wonderful biodiversity. I am very excited and I can't wait to bring everyone on an adventure discovering our beloved ecosystem in different parts of Hong Kong.”

Rainbow Wing Sum Leung

Hong Kong Dolphin Ambassador 2021-2022 - “Rainbow is the founder of Sustainable Ocean Alliance Hong Kong, a marine conservation organisation. She is obsessed with the ocean, sustainability and climate. Hong Kong Dolphin Ambassador 2021-2022 aims to raise the public awareness on Chinese White Dolphins protection through documentary screening, field trip and video making. Receiving this funding means a lot to Rainbow and SOA Hong Kong, this is the first ever local species-focused project launched by the SOA Hong Kong.”

Rainbow Hin Hung Tsang

Project CLImarine – “I am very pleased to become one of the awardees for the Earthwatch HK Award 2021. The Project CLImarine aims at bridging the world of natural science research to youth and the public, with a combination of adventurous, educational and FUN activities. Please stay tuned!”

Shirley Tsz Ching Wong

Start from the beach - Youth Coastal Ambassador Program 2021-2022 – “I am both an artist and conservationist. I am very happy to honour this award and start this amazing project - 'Start from the beach - Youth Coastal Ambassador Program 2021-2022'. Combining art and wildlife conservation in an education program has been a goal of mine, this award allows me to take the first step in this journey. I wish I can pass the conservation messages to the young generation and emphasize the problem of marine litter and plastic pollution through this program.”

Ming Lam Matthew Yip

Take Action 2022! Youth Biodiversity Conservation Leadership Training Scheme – “Environment is no one’s property to destroy; it’s everyone’s responsibility to protect.”

Vriko Yu

Training the Coral Rescuers – “I thought it would take years to destroy a reef - but I have witnessed a patch of coral communities disappeared in only two months. Restoration is crucial and we need to take actions now before we hit another tipping point, but it is only part of the larger equation to ensure the future of coral reefs.”